• tec-speed 20.0 VT-870 H1000 Hydrocarbon Ceramic based Laminate

    UL Approval: E214381 Version: 22/11/2023 22/11/2023

    General Information

    • Hi-Tg ceramic filled hydrocarbon laminate
    • High Dk (10.2) and Low Df (0.003)
    • Excellent thermal reliability


    • Cellular base station antennas and power amplifiers
    • Patch antennas
    • LNB (Low Noise Block) for broadcast satellites
    • RF Identification Tags (RFID)


    Core Thickness 0.020”, 0.025”, 0.050” and 0.100”

    * Additional copper types are available upon request.

    Default Copper Type Copper Thickness Remark
    HTE Hoz, 1oz and 2oz
    HVLP Hoz and 1oz PIM Sensitive Application & Lower insertion loss application

    Storage Condition

    Properties Laminate
    Storage Condition Temperature Room
    Relative Humidity /

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    Laminate Properties

    Properties Test Method Units Typical Value
    Thermal Properties
    Tg TMA IPC-TM-650 2.4.24 Clamped Stripline °C 280
    Td ASTM D3850 °C 410
    T288 IPC-TM-650 Minute >120
    X Y-CTE 50~140°C IPC-TM-650 2.4.24 ppm/°C 8, 9
    Z-CTE 50~140°C IPC-TM-650 2.4.24 ppm/°C 31
    Thermal Stress @ 288°C IPC-TM-650 Second >600
    Thermal Conductivity ASTM D5470 W/mK 0.85
    Electrical Properties
    Dielectric Constant @ 10GHz IPC-TM-650 Clamped Stripline - 10.2 ± 0.25
    Design Dk 8~40GHz Differential phase length method - 10.7
    TCDk After Moisture Resistance IPC-TM-650 Clamped Stripline ppm/°C +50
    Dissipation Factor @ 10GHz IPC-TM-650 Clamped Stripline - 0.003
    PIM dBc -160
    Mechanical Properties
    Peel Strength (1oz) As received IPC-TM-650 2.4.8 lb/in (N/mm) 5.0 (0.88)
    After thermal stress IPC-TM-650 2.4.8 lb/in (N/mm) 5.0 (0.88)
    Physical Properties
    Flammability UL-94 Rating V-0

    All test data provided are typical and not intended to be specification values.

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