Product Name Industry Approval Description
VT-901 IPC-4101E /40 /41 UL-V0 Polyimide Tg 250
VT-90H IPC-4101E /40 /41 UL-HB Polyimide Tg 250
VT-901HW IPC-4101E /40 /41 UL-V0 Polyimide Ceramic Filled Prepreg Optimized for filling Metal Core PCBs Tg 250
VT-901PP NF/LF LCTE IPC-4101E /40 No Flow / Low Flow Prepreg Tg 200 LCTE

Our polyimide laminates and prepregs including ceramic-loaded polyimide withstand elevated process temperatures such as lead-free reflow. The optimum choice for high reliability in prolonged high-temperature operation, and offering bromine-free formulas, this portfolio has what you need to secure the most demanding certifications for satellite, aerospace, military, and high-temperature automotive applications.