tec-speed: High-speed/low-loss material technology
The ultimate choice for superior Signal Integrity performance

With the growing demand for high-reliability and high-speed computing & storage applications, the tec-speed laminates & prepreg brand unites one of the most comprehensive range of products in high-speed/low-loss PCB material technology. From mid-loss (Df 0.015) to ultra-low-loss (Df 0.002) specifications with Dk levels ranging between 3.8 and 3.2, tec-speed offers the ultimate in laminate technology and quality assurance through Ventec’s proprietary manufacturing and distribution network.

tec-speed combines technological innovation, high-performance and superior quality, offering excellent electrical properties for reliability and stability across a broad range of frequencies and temperatures. tec-speed materials are designed for applications where good Signal Integrity is essential, including: telecom, router, servers, backplane & daughter card designs, high-frequency & high-speed designs, automotive & satellite communication, navigation, GPS, hand-held products etc.

Product Name Industry Approval Description
tec-speed 7.0H (VT-463H) IPC-4101E Halogen Free & High Tg laminate / prepreg
tec-speed 6.0/6.1 H-PK (VT-770 / VT-770LK) Laminate/Prepreg
tec-speed 6.0 (VT-462SH PP NF/LF) /127 /128 /130 Ultra Low Loss No & Low Flow Prepreg
tec-speed 6.0 (VT-462S) IPC-4101E /91 /102 low Dk & very low Loss & Tg 170 Lead Free Assembly
tec-speed 5.0 (VT-464G) IPC-4101E /130 Low Dk & very low Loss & Tg 175 Halogen free & Lead Free Assembly
tec-speed 3.0 (VT-464L) IPC-4101E /130 mid Dk & low Loss & Tg 175 Halogen Free & Lead Free Assembly
tec-speed 2.0 (VT-464) IPC-4101E /127 /128 /130 mid Dk & mid Loss & Tg 180 Halogen Free & Lead Free Assembly