Product Name Industry Approval Description
VT-901PP NF/LF LCTE IPC-4101E /40 No Flow / Low Flow Prepreg Tg 200 LCTE
VT-47PP NF/LF /97 /98 /99 /101 /126 No Flow / Low Flow Prepreg High Tg & Lead Free
VT-447PP NF/LF /127 /128 /130 No Flow / Low Flow Prepreg High Tg & Halogen Free & Leadd Free
tec-speed 4.0 - VT-462 (L) PP NF/LF /126 Low Dk / Low Loss No & Low Flow Prepreg

Bring Ventec quality, performance, and value to circuits that need mechanical flexibility. Whether formed once to allow installation during product assembly or flexing dynamically with moving parts such as a printer head or optical drive, our flex and flex-rigid formulas withstand reflow temperatures and maintain their structural integrity to prevent fatigue or corrosion.

Ventec also offers a range of ThinFlex products for customers in the UK, Europe, Israel & USA: CLICK TO VIEW