Product Name Industry Approval Description
tec-speed 30.0 (VT-6880) IPC4103 /210 High Frequency Laminate
tec-speed 30.0 (VT-6735) IPC4103 High Thermal Conductivity Laminate (over 1 W/mK)
tec-speed 30.0 (VT-6710) IPC4103 Dk 10.2 ceramic-filled PTFE composite material
tec-speed 30.0 (VT-6702) IPC4103 Dk 2.94 ceramic-filled PTFE composite material
tec-speed 30.0 (VT-3703/3706) IPC4103 /6 /7 Dk 3.0 & 6.15 ceramic-filled PTFE composite material
tec-speed 20.0 (VTM1000i) IPC4103 Hydrocarbon Ceramic based Laminate with High Dk (9.8) and Low Df (0.0023)
tec-speed 20.0 (VT-870 & VT-870 Bondply) IPC4103 Dk 3.0-3.48 ceramic-filled hydrocarbon thermoset material
tec-speed 20.0 (VT-870 H348 TCR) IPC4103 Laminate with Ticer Thin-Film Resistor Foils

tec-speed: RF material technology
The ultimate choice for high reliability and high frequency applications

The highest signal-integrity characteristics for the most advanced high-frequency systems your designers may only be imagining today. We have the chemistry and the capacity to support the cutting-edge automotive electronics of the future.

Ventec's latest state-of-the-art high-temperature press and lay-up/break-down line at the company's Suzhou (China) manufacturing plant delivers a significant increase in manufacturing capacity to meet the growing global demand for PTFE laminates.