• Laminate with Ticer Thin-Film Resistor Foils

    UL Approval: E214381 Version: Prelim 1 21/09/2020
    • Glass-reinforced hydrocarbon & ceramic laminates
    • Cladded with Ticer TCR NiCr Thin-Film Resistor Foil
    • Excellent thermal reliability
    • Better signal integrity


    • Global Communication Systems
    • MIMO Antenna, Phased Array Radar, Satellite Communications, Microwave Radar
    • Wireless Communications
    • MEMS Microphones & Sensors & Motors, etc.



    Material VT-870 H348 TCR
    Dielectric thickness (inch) 0.0066”, 0.010”, 0.0133”, 0.0166”, 0.020”, 0.030”, 0.060”
    Panel size* (inch) 12”x18”, 24”x18”
    Resistive foil weight Hoz, 1oz
    Resistivity 25 Ω/sq, 50 Ω/sq, 100 Ω/sq

    * Additional sizes may be available upon request.

    > Ventec offers its customers the option of bonding third party resistor foils to selected Ventec substrates as a service. As such, Ventec cannot guarantee the performance of the third party layers and shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the purchaser.
    > The information and data contained in this technical literature is based on data and knowledge correct at the time of publishing/printing and is believed to be accurate and is offered in good faith for the benefit of the user. The user should make his own tests to verify the suitability of this product for any application before its use. All data are typical values only and subject to change without notice.
    For further information about Ticer Technologies products, design guides and processing recommendations, please visit: www.ticertechnologies.com

    Laminate Properties

    Properties Sheet

    Properties Test Method Units Conditions Typical Value
    Tg IPC-TM-650 2.4.24 °C 2hrs @ 105°C >280
    Td @ 5% weight loss ASTM D3850 °C 2hrs @ 105°C 410
    Thermal Stress @ 288°C IPC-TM-650 Second 10sec/cycle >300
    Dk IPC-TM-650 - 10GHz 3.48±0.05
    Design Dk (1.7-5GHz) Differential Phase Length Method - 1.7~5GHz 3.66
    Df IPC-TM-650 - 10Ghz 0.0037
    Peel Strength (1oz) IPC-TM-650 2.4.8 lb/in After thermal stress 3.0
    Flammability UL-94 Rating V-0

    All test data provided are typical and not intended to be specification values.

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