Employee rights

The company complies with relevant labor laws and international human rights conventions, protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees, respects the internationally recognized principles of basic labor human rights, prohibits the use of child labor, and eliminates discrimination against women.

  • We also make every possible effort to ensure that our recruitment policy does not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, age, marital status, and/or family conditions. We also ensure a working environment that all employees are protected from being bullied, discriminated, and harassed.
  • The company determines the salary level of employees based on their academic background, professional knowledge and technology, and personal performance; and has a complete employee performance appraisal system and personnel management rewards and punishments.
  • Provide training opportunities for staff to enhance their vision and work efficiency.

Employee welfare

Welfare measures

  • Besides providing competitive salaries, we offer performance incentive and year-end bonus reflective of personal performance if employees fulfill the operating goals set by the Company.
  • The Company has an employee bonus system, allowing employees to participate in the sharing of management results.

Consummated Insurance

  • The Company provides labor insurance program, health insurance program, and a variety of group insurance programs for employees to choose among from.
  • The Company adopted a pension plan under the Labor Pension Act (the “LPA”), which is a state-managed defined contribution plan. Under the LPA, an entity makes monthly contributions to employees’ individual pension accounts at 6% of monthly salaries and wages. The employees of the Group’s subsidiary in mainland China, United Kingdom, United States and Germany are members of a state-managed retirement benefit plan operated by the local government.