Supplier Management Policy 

Ventec regards suppliers as important partners. We are committed to maintain long-term cooperative relations with domestic and foreign suppliers, assist supplier partner to improve supply chain efficiency and quality, also urged the supplier to carry out the environmental protection, improve occupational safety and attaches great importance to human rights. Jointly fulfill corporate social responsibility, jointly establish a sustainable supply chain with stable development and create sustainable business opportunities for mutual growth and win-win.

Supplier Management Measures

  • Supplier Screening - In order to ensure that raw materials meet the required quality standards, the quality control system of suppliers is required to obtain ISO9001 and IATF16949 as the target. In addition, The company will first choose suppliers with QC080000/ISO14001/ISO45001 and comprehensive evaluation of theirs technical capabilities, material matching, quality assurance capabilities, supply chain risk, etc.  
  • Supplier Qualification Maintenance - Regularly assess the performance of suppliers from the aspects of supply quality, delivery, service, storage, transportation, etc. The Company visits suppliers according to the plan and performs site audits to ensure that all indicators meet the company's requirements, promote continuous improvement of the supply chain, encourage suppliers to cooperate with the company's procurement strategy and grow together. 

Environmental Protection and Corporate Social Responsibilities

For the sake of reducing environmental load and living up to green citizenship, the company takes charge of hazardous substance in all aspects of product life cycle (product, research and development, procurement, production, transportation etc.). In supplier management, the documentation would be provided by the supplier including RoHS, REACH, local government regulation, the green supplier agreement, environmental material guarantee, harmful material test reports, etc. The company cooperates with manufacturers to protect the environment and suppliers comply with local regulations on labor rights, health , safety, environmental protection, business ethics to work together on CSR.

Conflict Minerals Control

Taking care of humanitarianism and social moral code of conduct featuring realization of humanity and dignity, the Company encourages suppliers promote similar management policies and sign "Quality Assurance Agreements" declaring compliance with conflict-free specifications

in order to prevent against purchases of conflicting metals((Au)、(Ta)、(Sn)、(W)及(Co)) from countries along the Congolese mineral vein such as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as determined by the United Nations.

Implementation of Supplier Management Standards

  • In order to ensure that suppliers can truly maintain the quality of raw materials , the company has established "Qualified Supplier Management Operation Methods" and encourages them to improve their manufacturing technology and management capabilities so that they can provide the required raw materials properly.
  • The responsible unit inspects the raw materials according to the process, scores the quality of suppliers every quarter, and audits the quality of suppliers and the control of hazardous substances every year. Supplier's quality control system certificate (ISO9001/ QC080000/ISO14001, etc.) validity confirm and follow up supplier's expired certificate renewal.
  • The main contents of the supplier quality rating project are four aspects: quality, price, delivery and technology. It covers incoming quality, customer complaints, poor quality review, payment terms, delivery timeliness, technical support, etc. According to the above scoring criteria, the results are divided into four grades A-D which are used as the basis for future priority procurement, continued procurement, conditional acceptance or disqualification.
  • The annual supplier audit shall be carried out in accordance with the "Annual Qualified Supplier on-site Audit Plan". The scoring content includes 14 items such as quality management, product identification and traceability, process control, production scheduling control, transportation and storage, education and training, hazardous substances management, environmental management and social responsibility. The results are graded A-C, with excellent, conditionally accepted and unacceptable.
  • The audit results will be published after the completion of the audit. If the supplier does not comply with the regulations, the company will issue a report and ask the manufacturer to improve. The supplier submit the analysis and improvement within one week after receiving the report, implement the improvement and submit the evidence of improvement within one month. If the supplier does not reply or improve within the time limit, the company will directly cancel the qualification of qualified suppliers, and the manufacturer cannot evaluate again within one year.