Ethical Management

Integrity Management Policies and Programs

  • The company has formulated the "Corporate Social Responsibility Policy” approved by the board of directors. The policy expresses the company's core belief in clean operations, fair trade and the practice of integrity management.
  • In order to actively prevent dishonest behaviors and implement the policy of integrity management, the company has formulated regulations such as "Integrity Operation Procedures and Behavior Guidelines" to specifically regulate the personnel of the company when performing business.
  • The aforementioned "Code of Integrity Management" and "Integrity Management Operating Procedures and Behavior Guidelines" state that the directors, managers, employees, assignees and persons with substantial control capabilities of the company should prevent conflicts of interest, etc. The company has also formulated a "Code of Ethical Conduct", which clearly stipulates the code of ethical conduct for company directors and managers, guides the behavior of the aforementioned personnel to comply with ethical standards, and announces the relevant measures on the company's website and public information observatory.
  • The company has formulated the "Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles” approved by the board of directors. Article 10 of the Principles , It is advisable that the rules mentioned in the preceding paragraph include stock trading control measures from the date insiders of the company become aware of the contents of the company’s financial reports or relevant results. Measures include, without limitation, those prohibiting a director from trading its shares during the closed period of 30 days prior to the publication of the annual financial reports and 15 days prior to the publication of the quarterly financial reports.

Promotion and Implementation

  • In order to implement the business philosophy of honest management, the company has established a stakeholder advice and appeal service window on the company website to serve as stakeholders in the event of infringement of rights The appeal channel of the time.
  • The "Integrity Management Operating Procedures and Behavior Guidelines" set by the company clearly stipulate the information that the reporter should provide, the standard operating procedures for the investigation of the report, the follow-up measures to be taken after the investigation is completed, the reward system and related Confidentiality mechanism.
  • On November 10, 2023, the Company conducted a 6-hour training course for current directors and managers on "Legal Responsibilities of Directors and Supervisors and corresponding Risks and Prevention", which included a 1-hour "insider trading" publicity course, including: the identification process of insider trading, examples and violations.
  • In addition to providing corporate social responsibility and integrity management promoting to new recruits when they arrive, the company occasionally reminds all members of the Company to be prohibited from promising to offer, requesting, or receiving improper benefits of any sort when conducting business with counterparties. Obtaining or sustaining benefits by conducting business without sincerity and integrity, or in any illegal way, or in breach of fiduciary duty is also prohibited.
  • Send promotional notices every quarter to remind directors that "they are not allowed to trade their stocks during the closed period of 30 days before the announcement of annual financial reports and 15 days before the announcement of quarterly financial reports."