Internal Audit Organization

The auditing office of our corporate is an independent unit, which is under the jurisdiction of Board of Directors. The auditing office includes audit supervisor and two full-time auditors, they are responsible for making report monthly or occasionally to the Chairman of the Board except for the routine report on Audit Committee and Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

Internal Audit is an independent unit with one chief internal auditor and one internal auditor under the direct jurisdiction of the Board of Directors. The appointment or dismissal of the chief internal auditor shall be approved by the Audit Committee and be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval, and the appointment, dismissal, assessment and salaries of internal auditors shall be submitted by the chief internal auditor to the Chairman for approval.

Internal Audit Operation

  • Audit work is mainly focus on the implementation of the annual audit plan approved by the Board, and carry out the audit project depend on the necessity. After the completion of the internal audit work, they will make audit report to the Chairman of the Board.
  • If found any possible internal deficiency or abnormal matters, the auditors would coordinate each departments for improvement and check the improvement schedule on a regular basis.
  • The auditing report and improvement are not only reviewed by the Chairman of the Board and Independent Directors, but also reported on the Board of Directors.
  • The auditing office urges every unit and subsidiaries of the company to perform an internal control self-assessment and review inspection reports on their own, in order to establish the company self-assessment mechanism.
  • The auditing office will provide the Board of Director the result of internal self-inspection and improvement of internal deficiency or abnormal matters from every unit, to evaluate the effectiveness of internal control system and as a background to issue the statement.