Welcome to Ventec

Established in 2000, Ventec International Group (6672 TT) is a professional supplier of copper clad laminate, aluminum base laminate and other special materials. The company founded its business on copper clad laminate and mainly sells its products domestically in China, where 90% of its capacity is set up. It has manufacturing bases in Suzhou, Jiangyin, Shenzhen, as well as Taiwan.

Ventec founded its business on the manufacturing of copper foil laminate and is growing its strong position in aluminum base laminate by further penetrating key growth markets such as automotive, LED, defense and aerospace, medical and industrial markets. For niche high-end PI (Polyimide) board materials used in the defense and aerospace sectors only a few suppliers globally have the necessary manufacturing capability to produce them and Ventec is the only such manufacturer in Asia manufacturing to AS9100 Rev D specifications.

Ventec’s globally owned and controlled supply chain is supported by facilities in Taiwan (Pingzhen), China (Suzhou, Jiangyin and Shenzhen), Europe (Britain and Germany), and the US allowing for fast and efficient, quality-controlled local supply, and facilitating closer cooperation with clients.