Stakeholder Engagement

Ventec actively establishes multiple transparent and effective communication channels to implement integrity engagement that stakeholders including employees, clients and suppliers can inquire and express ideas.

Communication Channels and Frequency                                

The communication status of each stakeholder would be reported to the board in the fourth quarter of every year. The communication of various stakeholders in recent years is as follows:

Interested Parties Communication Channels Frequency Major Topics
Investors Annual general shareholders’ meeting Once per year Corporate governance
Company business report
Company financial report
Disclosure of material information
Quarterly and yearly financial reports Four times per year
Phones and emails Responsive update when necessary
Company website Regular schedule and responsive actions upon requests
Regulatory authorities Official Letters Immediate response upon requests Regulatory compliance
Execution of regulatory policies
Announcement of regulatory information
Respond to the written requests from regulatory authorities and provide supplementary information
Attend meetings and seminars held by regulatory authorities
Customers Company website Regular update Protection of customers privacy
Satisfactory survey of customers
Protection of customers interests
Dedicated customer service team Responsive actions upon requests
Dedicated email responding service Regular update
Vendors Documents in writing Random audit Rules of procurement
Internal procedures of vendors
Paper auditing
Site auditing
Employees Company website Responsive actions when necessary Compensation and benefits
Career development
Labor relations
Training programs
Working environment
Safety and health
Human rights
Bulletin boards
Staff Comment box
Education training and policy advocacy conference
Community Company website Unscheduled participation Participation and Feedback
Regulatory Compliance
Promotion of environmental awareness
Association of Manufacturers
Charitable activities