Wherever technology takes you, we deliver

The Ventec team is proud of their world-leading capability in laminate technology, founded on a culture of continuous improvement, evolved over many years of investment in product development, innovation and response to market feedback, and committed to the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Ventec's standard product list includes a comprehensive range of FR4 laminates and prepregs: dicy-cured and phenolic-cured, mid and high Tg, filled and halogen-free materials, together with low Dk and high CTI products, laser drillable prepregs and hole-filling prepregs.

Ventec supply a full range of polyimide laminates and prepregs, brominated and non-brominated. Low-flow and no-flow prepregs are available in FR4 or polyimide.

All of Ventec's laminates are made to IPC 4101 Class C thickness tolerances.

Ultra-thin laminates are a Ventec speciality: 25-micron cores with woven glass reinforcement are routinely available in halogen-free variants, and the technology is adaptable to all of Ventec's standard resin systems.

Another speciality is the Ventec range of thermally conductive insulated metal substrates (IMS), both glass-reinforced and unreinforced.

Ventec's principal product categories are listed below: Click the links for full technical data.