17 November 2016

Ventec Secures Exclusive UK Distribution Rights for Advanced Copper Foil Inc. Range of Copper-Aluminium Foil Products

November 8th, 2016 – Ventec International, a world leader in the production of polyimide & high reliability epoxy laminates and prepregs, is pleased to announce that it has secured exclusive UK distribution rights for the ACF2™ and ACF3™ range of copper-aluminium foil products, produced in Canada under strict clean-room conditions by Advanced Copper Foil Inc.

Copper foil is supported on an aluminium carrier sheet to facilitate multilayer PCB layup and to guarantee a pristine copper surface, free of debris and other foreign materials, and protected from epoxy spots and fingerprints. A wide range of foil thicknesses and treatments is available. ACF2™ has copper on one side of the aluminium sheet; ACF3™ has copper on both sides. (link to data sheet)

Ventec Europe & USA COO Mark Goodwin was keen to reassure existing users of ACF materials that they would enjoy continuity of supply from the U.K. inventory held at Ventec Europe’s Leamington Spa service centre, and to invite users of copper-aluminium products from other sources to evaluate the ACF2™ and ACF3™ range as technically and commercially competitive alternatives.

For further information and to request a Technical Data Sheet, please contact sales@ventec-europe.com.  Information about Ventec’s solutions and the company’s wide variety of products, is available at www.venteclaminates.com and/or by downloading the Ventec APP.