Environmental Sustainability

  • We comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations, including, but are not limited to, Waste Disposal Act, Water Pollution Control Measures and Testing Reporting Management Regulations, and Air Pollution Control Act. The overall greenhouse gas emissions、the water consumption and waste volume over the past two years of the Company are as follows:
Year GHG Emissions (Ton) Water Consumption (m3) Waste Volume (Ton)
 2022 19,128 168,006 1,725
 2021 26,721 207,160 1,926
  • The Company has obtained the ISO14001 certificate and the IECQ QC080000 certificate.
  • Besides strictly complying with international environmental protection criteria and researching and developing products compliant with the RoHS, the Company also authorizes waste treatment service providers approved by the Environmental Protection Administration to clear the waste and enforce pollution prevention to maintain a sanitary environment in compliance with the Waste Disposal Act, Noise Control Act, Air Pollution Control Act, and Water Pollution Control Act, among others.
  • The global greenhouse effect has led to an abnormal climate, and the accompanying natural disasters such as wind disasters, snow disasters, floods, and droughts have become more frequent and serious. Such disasters will have an impact on the supply of key components, product transportation, warehousing, and sales in some supply chains, which in turn will cause fluctuations in overall corporate operating costs. In this regard, the company will reduce such impacts through measures such as supply chain management.
  • As consumers become more aware of green sourcing in the face of climate change and global warming, changes made to meet the market demand for mitigation and adaptation to climate change will create opportunities for the Group, such as the development of new products of green energy technologies that reduce pollution. The response measures are to reduce operating costs by improving the efficiency of resource use, reducing water consumption and consumption, or adopting more efficient modes of transportation.

Occupational Safety

  • The company has been ISO45001 certified and has based its comprehensive developments on the above-mentioned management regulations. With promotion of the environmental safety and health management system, the safety and health culture of the Company is enhanced.
  • Relevant departments regularly carry out environmental and facility inspection every month.
  • Implement environmental safety laws and regulations, relevant personnel to take skills certification.
  • New employees are fully trained before employment, and the work site is supervised by the supervisor, to ensure the safety of the workplace.
  • Occupational safety and health education and disaster prevention training are held each year.
  • The fire prevention and protection drills are organized once every six months for all employees to equip employees with basic knowledge and skills about disaster prevention and rescue.
  • There are the periodical employee health examinations and additional special health examinations for employees engaged in statutory hazardous operation.