Taiwan Fund for Children & Families

Economic development on both micro and macro levels is driving structural transformation of our society. Ventec Group has continued to actively provide vulnerable groups with care and support since the company’s listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in April 2019, guided by its motto "Take from society, give back to society". Ventec continuously contributes funds to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families which supports children and adolescents affected by poverty or family fragmentation, to ensure they are given the financial sustainability they need. Additionally, Ventec is committed to support further social welfare programs such as non-profit organizations that provide care and love for the elderly to make sure they are properly looked after.

Scholarships & Educational Financial Aid

Special funds have been provided for scholarships/financial aid to support students of elementary and high schools located in Taiwan’s indigenous rural villages in the center (Miaoli) and East (Taitung) of the country. This includes funds used for financial stability support, learning provision, after-school care, material support, etc. to maintain children’s basic living needs and to facilitate their development of versatile skills.

Book Donation

There is still a significant gap between urban and rural educational resourcing and support in different areas of Taiwan. Ventec Group has donated copies of the 'Analects of Confucius - Illustrated Edition' to rural schools in the hope that students will thrive in their education through the benefit of reading and will be encouraged to work diligently despite adversity and be humble and grateful in prosperity.

Good Liver Foundation

Many people around the world, especially in Taiwan suffer from liver disease which often can break the important family foundation and support structure. For this reason, Ventec not only donated funds to the GOOD LIVER FOUNDATION to support underprivileged people for liver disease screening, proactive follow-up check-ups and early medical treatment, but also assisted underprivileged people with transportation, follow-up medical referrals and medical subsidies, etc.

Fire Services Support

In support of firefighters to enable disaster prevention measures and the provision of rescue services, Ventec has provided funds to local fire brigades in Taoyuan, Taiwan for the purchase of disaster prevention equipment that offers crucial firefighter safety and protection for when they are fighting to protect people and property.

Covid-19 Measures

Ventec Group is a global company with offices and facilities around the world. In order to jointly overcome the current difficulties and cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, Ventec Group has not only provided all of its employees with complete protection against the virus but has also donated masks and medical supplies to its customers, suppliers, and partners in hope to overcome the pandemic together safely. For example, basic medical protection was offered by Ventec Group for our customers in hard hit countries in Europe and the U.S. to avoid direct contact in order to decrease the risk of infection around the world.