Established in 2000, Ventec International Group (6672 TT) is a professional supplier of copper clad laminate, aluminum base laminate and other special materials. The company founded its business on copper clad laminate and mainly sells its products domestically in China, where 90% of its capacity is set up. It has manufacturing bases in Suzhou, Jiangyin, Shenzhen, as well as Taiwan.

Rules for Election of Directors 董事選舉辦法 董事选举办法 
Rules and Procedures of Board of Director Meeting 董事會議規則 董事会议规则 
Rules and Procedures of Shareholders Meeting 股東會議規則 股东会议规则
Audit Committee Charter 審計委員會組織規程 审计委员会组织规程
Principles for Corporate Governance Implementation 公司治理實務守則 公司治理实务守则
Principles for Sustainable Development Implementation 永續發展實務守則 永续发展实务守则
Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct 誠信經營作業程序及行為指南 诚信经营作业程序及行为指南
Compensation Committee Charter 薪酬委員會組織章程 薪酬委员会组织章程 
Memorandum and Articles of Association 組織備忘錄及章程 组织备忘录及章程
Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets 取得或處分資產處理程序 取得或处分资产处理程序
Procedures for Endorsement & Guarantee 背書保證作業程序 背书保证作业程序
Policies and Procedures for Lending Funds to Others 資金貸與他人處理準則 资金贷与他人处理准则
Directions Governing the Processing of Material Information and Prevention of Insider Trading 防範內線交易管理暨內部重訊資訊管理作業程序 内部重大信息处理暨防范内线交易管理作业程序
Regulations on Scope of Responsibilities of Independent Directors 獨立董事之職責範疇 独立董事之职责范畴规则
Rules Governing Financial and Business Matters Between this Corporation and its Related Parties  關係人相互間財務業務相關規範 关系人相互间财务业务相关规范