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Centrum Lubricated Drill Entry Board Download  
ALU - Aluminum Drill Entry Foil Download  
WLB25 - White Coated Drill Exit Board Download  SDS
BU25 - Brown High Density Drill Exit Board Download  
PHP - Phenolic Drill Entry and Exit Board Download  
GlossBack25 - RH-80 Download  
Copper Foil Download  
Plastic Interleaver Download  
ACF2/ACF3 (Copper foil/Aluminium/Copper Foil) Download  
ACF Screen Download  


Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

For the European electronics market, we have teamed up with EMI Thermal to provide
Thermal Interface Material (TIM) that perfectly complement Ventec's
IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) families, laminates and prepregs for multilayer PCBs.

Product Material Datasheet PDF
Double Sided Thermal Tape Download
Electrical Insulator Download
Natural Graphite Download
Void Filler T-P-2 Series Download
Void Filler T-P-3 Series Download
Void Filler T-P-6 Series Download
Void Filler T-P-9 Series Download