11 March 2021

Ventec intensifies direct sales & service support in Israel market image

Ventec International will intensify its direct sales and service support to PCB fabricators, OEMs, ODM’s, Contract Manufacturers and EMS companies in Israel with immediate effect. This follows the termination of its sales representation agreement with A.J. Englander (1980) Ltd.

Ventec International has a long-held commitment to providing best-in-class materials, supported by world class technical & service support to both direct and indirect customers around the world. From the outset the long-term global strategy has focused on establishing close, direct relationships with customers and end users by continuously investing in ownership and control of the complete sales process and supply chain for its PCB materials including its own laminates, and prepregs, and traded products lines.

In Israel, alongside the direct customer technical and service support from Ventec, a sales representation agreement with A.J. Englander (1980)Ltd. has been in place for a number of years. Now Ventec has committed to evolve and align its local strategy with its global strategy to grow closer, more direct relationships with its customers as well as further develop its business in the region. This is necessary due to the increasingly complex, specialized and sensitive requirements from Israeli customers. The direct approach enables Ventec to keep lines of communication short and thus be able to provide better technical service and support, among other benefits.
Customers in Israel will continue to rely on the focused solutions support from Mark Goodwin, COO, as well as Ventec Sales Director Peter Coakley. Technical support will continue to be provided by Bill Wang and Will Chang from the technical team at Ventec’s Headquarters, and coordinated through Leigh Allinson, Technical Support Manager, EMEA.

Peter Coakley, Sales Director stated: “Our priority is to ensure a smooth transition, and we are working diligently to make it as seamless as possible for our customers. I look forward to evolving how we do business in Israel to provide our customers with even better service & support over the long term.”

Mark Goodwin, COO EMEA & Americas at Ventec International explained that the two companies have enjoyed a successful relationship over a number of years. “Englander has been a valuable partner, and we are thankful to Arie and his team for helping us take our first steps in the Israeli market. On behalf of Ventec International I wish to thank Englander for the partnership over the past years. We wish them well and continued success in their future endeavors.”