Ventec Verification Laboratories

The verification laboratories are sited at our UK and Fullerton, CA service centers. They are an integral element of Ventec's technical support service and strategy for overseas business. Equipped to provide new product introduction and process verification data for the full Ventec product range, the local facilities shorten reporting and response times, underscoring Ventec's commitment to service globally.

All tests are performed to the methods specified in IPC 4101 as standard, or to customers specific requirements. The Labs are also equipped and qualified by Ventec Electronics (Suzhou) Co. Ltd to retest and re-certify of all styles of Ventec prepreg.

The USA & European regional verification laboratories mirror the verification lab facilities of VIG  and are supplementary to the analytical, reliability and research and development laboratory sited at our Technology Center in Suzhou, PRC.

The core lab capabilities are:

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) equipment is used to verify the degree of cure (DOC) and Glass Transition (Tg) of our customers laminated panels, this data is used in the optimisation of press parameters in our customers facilities.

Thermal Mechanical Analyser (TMA) for assessment of Z-axis expansion and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE). This equipment can also be used to verify Tg and DOC of complex resin systems such as VT-901 Polyimide.

Prepreg retesting & verification equipment:

  1. Gel Time can be verified to ascertain remaining shelf life of prepregs which can re-certified for use based on the test results.
  2. Rotary Viscometer also allows assessment of Minimum Melt Viscosity (MMV) and retesting and recertification of prepregs containing complex resin systems such as VT-901 Polyimide.

The lab scale bonding press is used to verify resin flow characteristics for all prepreg types under a variety of press conditions, typically using the IPC circle flow test method. In addition it gives Ventec Europe the capability to undertake test pressings of materials.

Research & Development

Ventec has a dedicated R&D Center at its Suzhou headquarters, where skilled technologists have all of the facilities necessary to formulate and characterise resin systems, together with pilot-scale treating and pressing capability to enable the production of prepreg and laminate samples.

  • Air permittivity
  • Mini Radiation Treater & Mini Press
  • Rheometer
  • 1.6GHZ DK Analyzer
  • DSC / TMA
  • SEM / EDS
  • Other Electrical and Physical Test Instruments (over 10 sets)