For the European electronics market, we have teamed up with EMI Thermal to provide Thermal Interface Material (TIM) that perfectly complement Ventec's IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) families, laminates and prepregs for multilayer PCBs.

TIM a thermally conductive medium which is used to fill the air gap between mating surfaces in electronic components. These gaps are usually filled with air which is a poor conductor of heat. This creates a thermal barrier which stops the transfer of heat between the component and its heatsink or chassis.

Filling these air voids with a proven TIM helps ensure reliability and performance and prevents electronic components from overheating and becoming damaged or burnt out. You can choose from a wide range of TIMs to meet your requirements depending on size, width of gap, surface finish, whether parallel or unparallel, how quickly heat needs to be dispersed and if electrical insulation is required.

Ventec will be only too pleased to help your engineers and designers select the correct TIM from EMI Thermal. Please ask your account manager, contact your nearest Ventec office or send an email to:

Product Material Datasheet PDF
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