• VT-42C Laminate/Prepreg

    UL Approval: E214381 Version: Rev. B4 19/03/2020 /97

    General Information

    • Comparative Tracking Index (CTI): over 600 Volts
    • Dicy Cured System
    • Standard FR4.0
    • UV Blocking


    Power Base Board, TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, etc


    • Core Thickness: 0.004” (0.1mm) to 0.200” (5mm), available in sheet or panel form
    • Copper Foil: 1/4oz to 12oz
    • E-Glass styles: 7628, etc
    • Prepregs are available in roll or panel form

    Note: As CTI value is closely related with the surface roughness, we would like to supply reverse treated copper foil when customers ask for laminates with copper foil over 2 oz.

    Properties Prepreg Laminate
    Storage Condition Temperature Below 23°C (73°F) Below 5°C (41°F) Room
    Relative humidity Below 55% RH / /
    Shelf Life 3 months 6 months 24 months (airproof)

    The prepreg exceeding shelf life should be retested.

    Properties Sheets IPC-4101E /97

    Properties Test Method Units Specification Typical Value
    Thermal Properties
    Tg DSC IPC-TM-650 2.4.25 °C 110 minimum 125~130
    TMA IPC-TM-650 2.4.24 °C - -
    Td ASTM D3850 °C - 310
    T260 IPC-TM-650 Minute - 25
    T288 IPC-TM-650 Minute - 2
    Thermal Stress @ 288°C IPC-TM-650 Second Pass 10s 300
    Z-axis CTE Before Tg IPC-TM-650 2.4.24 ppm/°C - 40
    After Tg IPC-TM-650 2.4.24 ppm/°C - 220
    Total Expansion (50~260°C) IPC-TM-650 2.4.24 % - 3.5
    X-Y CTE IPC-TM-650 2.4.24 ppm/°C - 12~14
    MOT UL 94 °C - 130
    Electrical Properties
    Dielectric Constant @ 1GHz IPC-TM-650 - 5.4 maximum 4.8
    Dissipation Factor @ 1GHz IPC-TM-650 - 0.035 maximum 0.018
    Volume Resistivity After Moisture Resistance IPC-TM-650 MΩ-cm 1.0E+6 minimum 5.0E+8
    E-24/125 IPC-TM-650 MΩ-cm 1.0E+3 minimum 5.0E+6
    Surface Resistivity After Moisture Resistance IPC-TM-650 1.0E+4 minimum 5.0E+7
    E-24/125 IPC-TM-650 1.0E+3 minimum 5.0E+6
    Electrical Strength IPC-TM-650 Volt/mil (KV/mm) 762 (30) minimum 1200~1400 (54)
    Dielectric Breakdown IPC-TM-650 2.5.6 KV 40 minimum 60
    Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) ASTM D3638 Rating (Volt) - Grade 0 (≥600)
    Arc Resistance ASTM D495 Second - 111
    Mechanical Properties
    Peel Strength (1oz) As received IPC-TM-650 2.4.8 lb/in (N/mm) - 10~12 (1.7~2.0)
    After thermal stress IPC-TM-650 2.4.8 lb/in (N/mm) 6 (1.05) minimum 9~12 (1.5~2.0)
    Flexural Strength Warp IPC-TM-650 2.4.4 KPsi (MPa) 60 (415) minimum 87 (600)
    Fill IPC-TM-650 2.4.4 KPsi (MPa) 50 (345) minimum 72 (500)
    Physical Properties
    Moisture Absorption IPC-TM-650 % 0.80 maximum 0.25
    Flammability UL-94 Rating V-0 minimum V-0

    All test data provided are typical values and not intended to be specification values.

    Published on: 19/03/2020

    Download TDS Datasheet
  • VT-42C CCL/Laminate VT-42C PP/Prepreg

    UL Approval: E214381 Version: Rev. B2 28/06/2018 /97

    Storage Condition & Shelf Life

    Precautions In Handling

    • The prepreg exceeding shelf time should be retested.
    • Take care in handling thin core laminates as they are easily damaged.
    • If the pre-preg is not consumed within 48hrs after opening the vacuum package, it is recommended that the bags be resealed.
    • Material is available in both long and short grain. The grain direction is indicated on the label with an arrow.


    Designing And Inner Layer Process

    • Please be careful when single ply of 1080, 1086, 1078 or 106 prepreg is designed to the dielectric layer.
    • Dimension stability is the same as Standard FR4 material.
    • Please check with your oxide vendor to make sure that our material is suitable with your oxide process. We recommend to control the peel strength with brown oxide copper over 2 Lb/in.
    • For unclad or single sided laminates to be used in multilayer, please brush unclad sides before use.


    Press Condition

    1. Heating rate(Rise of Rate) of material [Material Temperature]
    Programmable Press: 1.5-3.0℃/min (3~5℉/min).  Manual Press:3~6℃ /min (5~10℉/min)

    2. Curing Temperature & Time: >50min at more than 170℃ (338℉) [Material Temperature]

    3. Full Pressure: ≥280psi (20Kgf)

    4. Vacuuming should be continued until over 140℃ (284℉) [Material Temperature]  

    5. Cold Press condition: Keep Plate @ Room Temperature by water, Pressure:100psi, Keep Time: 60minutes

    hot-start-cycle-vt-42.jpg hot-start-cycle-vt-42-manual.jpg adara-cedal-press-cycle-vt-42.jpg

    Typical Drilling Parameters (φ0.3-1.0 mm)

    Desmearing Process

    Standard FR4 Desmear Process.
    Download PGL Datasheet