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Option Technologies – a Ventec International Group Company

Option Technologies is a long established masslam service provider that began trading in 1985. We offer masslam and drill solutions to our customers - if the requirements are for technology, quick-turn or simply capacity issues then we can help. We supply mass-laminated high-tech multilayer panels to PCB manufacturers all over the world utilizing high quality laminates & prepregs manufactured by our parent company Ventec International Group. We have mass lamination & drilling capacity in mainland Europe & Asia, allowing us to customize a supply chain optimized to meet your needs for fast deliveries and cost.

Please contact your local Ventec International Group Service Center to discuss your masslam & drill requirements:

UK Germany USA
Email: sales@ventec-europe.com Email: salesde@ventec-europe.com Email: saleseast@ventec-usa.com
Tel: +44 1926-889822 Tel: +49 6352-753260 Tel: +1 978-5219700


We offer an exclusive masslam & drilling service as detailed below:

  • Masslam, standard or express delivery for off-shore volume from Taiwan
  • Masslam & Drilling combined, standard or express delivery for off-shore volume from Taiwan


  • Up to 34 layers
  • Sequential Builds
  • Buried & Blind Vias
  • Controlled Impedance Multilayers


Standard FR4 VT-42, VT-42S
High Tg VT-47, VT-447
CAF-Resistant FR4 VT-481, VT-47VT-447
FR4 Halogen-Free VT-441, VT-447
Polyimide VT-901, VT-90H


layers 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 (layers)
Cu 1/3oz, Hoz, 1oz, 2oz, 3oz 
maximum panel size 20" x 30"
minimum panel size 10" x 12"
minimum Core Thickness 3mil H/H
minimum L/S 3/3 mil
minimum thickness of different layers 11mil (4L), 49mil (12L)
inter-layer alignment ±3mil
tolerance of forming size ±1mm
warp ˂0.75%
minimum hole size 0.15mm / 6mil
maximum hole size up to 10mm / 0.254"

Working to IPC Standards